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LYCÉE (15 to 18 years old)

The French Lycée is composed of two cycles : the class of Seconde where the pupils start considering their specialization and the ultimate cycle (classes of Première and Terminale) that leads to the final examination (Baccalauréat).

The seconde
This class aims at enriching the skills and knowledges in all fundamental subjects, but also to:
1 - acquire work methods and analyse the difficulties encoutered thanks to an individual educational support and the supervised / monitored studies.

2 - assert one's future choices and objectives through « exploration tutorials ». For all pupils : Economics (SES) and Litterature & Society. Through the analyse of topical matters such as company managing, the evolution of the family, employment issues..., the youngs are introduced to the notions of social and economic issues...

As an opional subject : MPS (Scientific Methods and Practices) : this subject offers the students to become familiar with the scientific protocols, around projects that imply the use of Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

The final cycle
This cycle gathers the two classes of Première and Terminale and prepares the pupils for their final examination (the Baccalauréat), according to their specialization:
- Litterature (L)
- Economics (ES)
- Sciences (S)

Two foreign languages: English, German or Spanish (other languages are possible through distance courses - CNED).

Specialized subjects
T-L : DGEMC (Law and Challenges of the Contemporary World), Mathematics or Remedial English.
T-ES : SSP (Social and Political Sciences) and Mathematics.
T-S : Mathematics and Biology.

Other non-compulsory language options might be prepared through distant courses (CNED), in the frame of the Baccalauréat's final examination.


Supervised studies
Taking place every day from 5 to 7 p.m, they give the students the opportunity to get a close and individual support by their teachers, to strengthen their knowledges and methods.

Sports and Cultural Activities
See the page "Extracurricular Activities"

Teachers' websites
Some teachers also propose a website related to the subject they teach:
Mr Samir Rezzouk :
Mr Régis Bouchez :
Mr Bertrand Guffroy :

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