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COLLÈGE (11 to 15 years old)

Le collège se compose de trois cycles, la sixième, cycle d'adaptation, la cinquième et la quatrième, cycle central et enfin la troisième, cycle d'orientation.

Les enseignements au collège sont structurés en disciplines :
• French
• Mathematics
• History and Geography
• Foreign Languages
• Biology
• Technology
• Plastic arts
• Physical Education
• Physics and Chemistry

The class of 6ème: an adaptation cycle.
The objective is to strenghten the knowledges of the Primary School as well as prepare the pupils to the different learning methods of the Collège. As the passage between childhood and teenagehood is never easy, we pay a very close attention to the supervision and support brought to the pupils « newly » arrived.

The classes of 5ème and 4ème: a central cycle.
During this cycle, the pupils increase their knowledges and acquire new competences such as an second foreign language in 4ème (Spanish or German).
A new subject for the pupils of 5ème : Physics and Chemistry.

The class of 3ème : an orientation cycle.
Of course completing the knowledges of the Collèges, but above all preparing the pupils to the requirements of the Secondary School (Lycée) or of the professional /technological training. The learing of the two foreign languages is of course maintained.
Finally, at the end of the school year, the pupils have to pass their first academic exam : The Brevet National (equivalent of the GCSE).


I.T. equipments
A computer room is at the pupils' disposal, always under the supervision of an adult. New technologies are wonderful and indispensable tools for teaching and learning, but also a means to communicate with families and relatives.

Supervised studies
3 days a week, from 5 to 7 p.m., teachers and members of the education community provide a close support to their pupils. Each child is given the opportunity to be accompanied in his learning, homework and revisions.

Sports and Cultural Activities
See the page "Extracurricular Activities".

Teachers' websites
Some teachers also propose a website related to the subject they teach:
Mr Samir Rezzouk :
Mr Régis Bouchez :
Mr Bertrand Guffroy :

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