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The option for the preparation to the First aid ski-patrol certificate and the Alpine ski certificate (1st grade), are proposed to the pupils of the « lycée » (above 15 years old).

Since September 2016, this option gives our pupils (classes of Première and Terminale) the opportunity to be trained for the State Certificate, along with their studies.

This training includes :
• the preparation to the Team First Aid Certificate, levels 1 and 2 (within the school),
• the preparation to the « Ruby Arrow » (Flèche Vermeil : second best ski-level possible) : and Technical tests (all-snow, all-terrain downhill, minimum height difference of 300 meters),
• « live » trainings, in partnership with the local ski resorts (sledge, tray...),
• week-end trainings of climbing and paragliding, for a deeper knowledge of the moutain environment,
• and theoritical masterclasses (meteorology and snow conditions, initiation to the legal frames...).
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