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The spiritual and religious education Sainte Croix des Neiges would like to offer the children a spiritual way of life.
With the evolution of society in France like all over the world, « La Pastorale » is no longer a sole christian foundation.
We intend to offer each pupil the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of methaphysics, sense and Truth.

We offer this to children who wish to learn the various catholics sacraments related to our Diocese.

4 main lines

The pastoral service is centered around 4 main lines:

1 - Make school an educational place animated by the Gospel Spirit.
Each and every pupil shall be welcome, with no consideration of their religion or convictions, in their questionnings, doubts and joys, through times of group discussions or individual meetings.

2 - Giving to each one of them the opportunity to find out Christ.
« The Opening to everyone » wanted by the Catholic institutions has to match the Good News of the Gospel with anyone's personal experience.
A Catholic school is a place where the « First Announcement » of the Gospel must explicitly be adressed to everyone, respecting everybody's convinctions, and without expecting any answer or feedback.
This first experience requires the presence of youngs and adults who live according to the Gospel and accept to talk about their Faith.

3 - Giving to those who wish to follow the Gospel the opportunity and the means to grow up in the Faith.
Weekly meetings are proposed to the pupils of each class. These catechism times enable the pupils to deepen their Faith. We also propose a preparation to the various sacraments, in relation with the parish (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Sacrament of Penance).
Celebrations in the school's chapel are open to all who wish to attend.

4 - Binding the school's activities with the local church's life.
A Catholic school is not an independent entity, but on the contrary, it participates in the diocesian and parish life, therefore, the pupils are invited to take part to the celebrations that take place in their Church.
Meetings with other youngs of the parish are proposed throughout the year, as well as pilgrimages, for instance in Lourdes, for the pupils of Première and Terminale who can help as strecher-bearers.

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