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Since its creation by Abbot de Clarens, Sainte Croix des Neiges school project is centred around three dimensions: Body, Soul and Spirit.
Two essential and fundamental values are the pillar of our school's identity, : Trust and Charity. Each new dynamic or change taken shall be enlightened by these values. Trust : Is essential to reveal and develop the abilities lying in each one of our pupils.
Give a helping hand, lend an attentive ear and acknowledge one's efforts and progresses are often the key for a new bloom.
This demanding process shall make sense only after the different steps and obstacles of one's education are overcome.
Charity : is the second pillar. Each member of Sainte Croix des Neiges community acts in accordance to this value : wishing the success of each one for the benefit of all.
Chef-Lieu - 74360 Abondance
Haute-Savoie - France

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