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Sainte Croix des Neiges offers two boarding possibilities : permanent or a weekly boarding. Therefore, pupils of various origins and backgrounds have the opportunity to study in France, and this greatly adds to the richness of our school’s diversity, each pupil has the opportunity to experience and interact with different cultures.

The boarding school is composed of three chalets: one for the boys of the Collège, one for the boys of the Lycée and one for the girls.The person in charge of each chalet ensures that the school rules are adhered to by all. Trust, communication and respect are the necessary values to enjoy community life.Boarding life combines cultural, spiritual, leisure and sport activities with working periods, so that each pupil should find a good balance between the hobbies and the duties. The boarding school is a special place that teaches camaraderie and brotherhood spirit and often gives unforgettable memories. Those who experienced boarding life often keep lifelong close ties with each other.
Week-end leisure or activities during the week are organized and run by educators who do their best to take each pupil’s wishes and suggestion into account.
In the winter outdoor activities are of course devoted to skiing and snowboarding.
We also offer other activities such as tennis, table tennis, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, moutain bike but also cultural excursions, music, dance, cinema, theatre, art workshops, video and photo tutorials...

Boarders can either use the available phone facilities to contact their family or via Skype.
The use of mobile phones is authorized under certain conditions.

We take great care of the pupils' health. Our infimary service works in close collaboration with the local doctor, in any cases. A psychologist may also be called on, on the parents, nurse ou headmaster's request.

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