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BOARDING : boys of the Collège

This building bears the very history of the school and has welcome our pupils for many decades. Within this premises, they have learned the notions of collective life and been prepared to face the complexity of modern society. Here, the boys of the Collège can enjoy their free time to get to know each other, have fun, play, relax or benefit from the pleasures offered by the moutain, and so give the best of themselves to succeed in their studies.

The building is composed of several rooms of 10 to 15 beds each, arranged in boxes, providing a little privacy within this common space.. Perce-Neige Chalet also includes a playroom, the dining room , a music room, a gym, , a video-games room, , a computer room and a projection room.

The surroundings are very favourable to outdoor activities, which are organized on Wednesday afternoons and on the week-ends for the permanent boarders. We pay a great attention to balance sports and cultural activities.
During the winter, the pupils benefit from the wonderful wide spaces of the French-Swiss ski resort « Les Portes du Soleil » to practice and improve their ski level. Under the supervision of their educators who teach them the security rules, the ski techniques and show them the pleasures of moutain activities.

The timetables of course take into account the school requirements and have been well-thought to bring a psychological balance between the hobbies and the duties of the pupils (you may check the timetables on this very website). The family atmosphere helps the pupils to gain in autonomy and to become responsible persons When they need or wish it, they can find and share time and experience with the members of the education community, who work for the children's interest.
Providing a permanent educational support does not mean always assisting the children : to comprehend the obligations of the school education, one needs autonomy and personal will, values that could be brought by the community life.

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